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100% EDUCATION 200% FUN!!

Why cosmobrains for Your kids?

Reason #1

This board game is 100 percent educational, safe for kids, Eco friendly, excellent mind gym and radiation free!

Reason #2

Cosmobrains Board games turn kids to an ultra smart and extra intelligent Learners of 21st Century!

Reason #3

Every minute spent on cosmobrains games worth hours of serious learning in the classrooms!

Games that make kids fall in love with learning naturally

Why cosmobrains?

Gen-Z kids love to learn the subjects in an environment of fun and entertainment. We all know the modern kids are born with a mobile in their hands. We at Cosmobrains have researched, developed and designed core concept learnings incorporating fun excitement and entertainment. Playing cosmobrains games is worth hours of serious learning.

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Our Board Game is Free to Download Now on Account of Chennai Chess!

Cosmo Mind Maths Game

Product detail with pricing

This is a digital downloadable product it isn’t  a software, but very much similar to physical board game  as the print-outs of the game is to be taken and the play objects are to be made by the buyer with a pencil and an eraser (Commonly available in every home), it should not take more than fifteen minutes to setup the game and make object . Before you checkout please read the terms and conditions.

The product (Each download) costs ₹550 ($8 USD), due to ongoing Covid19 we are pleased to offer the product for just ₹75 ($1 USD).

Each digital download contains

  1.  Why and who for this game? A note for teachers/school heads/Educators/parents
  2. Instruction to setup the game, and making of a pencil-dice and eraser-markers (Coins).
  3. Instruction to play game (Game rules, in Printable version). Youtube link is provided Should you want to watch live demonstration of the Game.
  4. Main Play Sheet.

Note: Before you check out please enter quantity of products as one (with one product you can enjoy unlimited downloads of this product)

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