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Kids of 8 years and above can play this game. To play Cosmobrains Math Board game you need main play sheet, a Pencil-dice and two or three or four eraser-markers or coins.  During the play the players  perform four basic mathematical calculations mentally, in every round of the play, the players perform around 20 calculations. The Playing method is similar to ludo games, but this board game requires a pencil-dice with math symbols. The game contains all the elements of fun, excitement and entertainment.

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The game download file consists of:

  • ‘Why and who for this game?’ page
  • Pencil-dice and markers making instruction page
  • Main play sheet page
  • Instruction to play the game page


Kids of age, 8 years and plus can play this gam, during the play the players learn to perform four basic mathematical operations mentally on the same pair of numbers. Mathematical skill is highly essential for the future jobs in Automation, Robotics, data sciences, AI, VR and so on.

The playing method is similar to ludo games, the main play sheet consists of 110 boxes with a small pair of numbers at the bottom of every box to perform calculation, this game needs specially prepared pencil-dice that has mathematical symbols (+ , – , ÷, x) and markers or coins that are made by cutting an eraser.  You can  mark them with numbers or colours for identification.

Two or three or four players can play the game at the same time. The players place their respective markers or coins in box number  one and roll the Pencil-dice and watch out for the maths symbol, depending upon the maths symbol the players perform calculation on the pair of small numbers at the bottom of each box and move their respective markers to the new position, till they reach 100th box or cross it. When players land in the box with snake they should immediately move back according the calculation found in the box and wait for their next turn. Minimum three rounds are to be played players who wins in two rounds deemed to have won the event. During the play the players perform dozens of calculations that sharpens their mathematical skills. The players would enjoy wholesome fun while doing mathematical calculation. They may use Paper pencil or fingers for the calculation purpose. Live demonstration video link is provided with the game download.


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