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Schooling and Education are two different things…

The antiquated definition of education is ‘knowing a little of everything and all of something, this is the reason we have several disciplines in medicine like cardiologist, dentist, dermatologist, neurologist and so on, though all are called doctors. With the progress of knowledge, experiences and advent of new technologies and necessities the most recent and celebrated definition of education has been given by veteran leader  Nelson Mandela. He said:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Education is the first step for people to gain the knowledge, critical thinking, empowerment, and skills they need to make this world a better place”

Schooling and Education are two different things

In the contemporary history of the world, we can see Singapore, the USA, South Korea, Russia, Finland, and recently China has fully exploited the potential of education to become the leading economies and military powers of the world. There is a direct link between a nation’s prosperity and education.  Though these countries were successful in transferring knowledge facts and figures in the name of education but failed to employ exact methodologies of the education process. These countries succeeded in schooling but not in education. 

schooling and education are poles apart, in the sense that skilled persons like farmers, blacksmiths, , masons, plumbers, etc who are mostly uneducated,  successfully perform the same tasks as the educated ones.  Thomas Alva Edison’s teacher and mentor was his own mother (after he was forced out of the school), yet he has some 1000 inventions to his credit including the light under which we work at nights.

Mark Twain once said: “Don’t let your boy’s schooling interfere with his education.” That’s just another way of saying that you can’t make a good man out of a boy simply by cramming his head full of Latin and Algebra. Several years before this cite the novelist and science writer Grant Allen expressed the idea

Major of flaws in modern education

In the modern era, education is considered a source and means of livelihood. A microscopic community of students take up research with passion and pursue it till they can, without expecting any monetary benefits.

The modern education system suffers from serious flaws, the first and the foremost is the fact that all the students of a grade are considered same-size-pots, and the curriculum is designed accordingly. The second major drawback in the modern education system is that the practical and applied subjects like Maths and sciences are mostly book based instead of being activity and application based ones.

Is rote learning any good?

Knowledge gained without understanding is a futile experience, in other words, rote learning is perilous. There are some areas where rote learning plays a pivotal role in education. Take the case of mathematics our brain has limited memory it can remember 2 sixes are twelve or three sixes are eighteen, it cant remember for sixes are twenty-four, so learning multiplication tables by rote is helpful in doing long calculations involving additions multiplications, or divisions. Similarly, scientific instruments’ names terminologies, principles names, chemical symbols, and formulae have been learned by rote memory like poems. Nobody can question why Newton’s is named after Newton

Why is Maths an unwelcome guest all over the world?

Maths is an unwelcome guest by the majority of the students in almost all the continents, countries, and counties. Doing maths calculation is a serious business and requires full brain activity. Modern kids who are used to hang on at social sites, play games, and music, but naturally dislike the serious business of learning maths, even  For multiplying or adding simple single digits they use calculators or smartphones, this retards their mental faculties, and they feel the heat at higher grades.

Gen-Z loves fun-based learning

Gen-Z loves fun, entertainment, and excitement.  Cosmo mind maths game is designed to engaged kinds in learning four basic mathematical operations in an environment of joy and fun while involving themselves in serious learning. This board game is designed for 8 plus years kids but can be enjoyed by an entire family. Players learn dozens of mathematical calculations involving all four mathematical operators in an atmosphere of fun.

80 percent of present jobs will vanish in about 5 to 10 years, all the future jobs will be in the field of AI, VR, Robotics, coding, Apps and so on all these jobs need basic mathematical skills. Today’s kids are to be equipped with mathematical skills to empower them to take up the future challenges that come in their way.

we at cosmobrains have developed Mind maths games to impart mathematical skills to kids in an interesting way. More board games on Algebra, business maths, graphs, and chemistry are on the anvil and will be released soon. We have plans to release a minimum of 10 games over a period of one year from now.

Wish your kids a happy edutainment!

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